Gay Divorcee, The
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers sing, dance and find romance to the songs of Cole Porter in one of their greatest films--The Gay Divorcee. While crossing the channel after a successful engagement in the cafés of Paris, American dancer Guy Holden (Astaire) is swept into a whirlwind romance when Mimi Glossop's (Academy Award winner Rogers) garment drops out of the air onto him. Mimi is already engaged, but wishes to break off with her fiancé and has asked a friend Egbert (Edward Everett Horton) for help. Egbert believes he can solve her situation by hiring a gigolo to the fiancé believe Mimi is having an affair. Now, as Mimi and Guy fall in love, she believes she is losing her heart to the paid gigolo. But all secrets are revealed when Guy, Mimi, Egbert, her philandering fiancé and the real gigolo come together in a hotel ballroom--and Mimi is freed to marry Guy.
Starring Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Alice Brady
Director Mark Sandrich