Her Majesty's Prime Ministers: Winston Churchill
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Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history, ascended to the throne and was crowned Queen at the tender age of 27. Since that historic day, Her Majesty has worked with over a dozen Prime Ministers who have formed successive governments on her behalf. Her very first, the formidable Sir Winston Churchill, a true wartime hero, had inspired determination and courage throughout the empire and lead Britain to victory in World War 2. With age comes experience, but would his traditional views and tactics cause friction in his relationship with the modern monarch? How did the young Winston Churchill grow up to become the Queen's first Prime Minister, and one of the most famous political figures of all time? From his badly behaved school years, to his time as a journalist of war, Churchill made a name for himself and found his way into parliament where he stayed until the year before he died. Finding himself Prime Minister at the start of World War II, he would face the most troubling and challenging time in history, coming out victorious. It was only after he was made Prime Minister for the second time, would he work with the Queen, and discover the strength and sense of duty of the modern monarch.
Starring Winston Churchill, Elizabeth II
Director Amber Rondel