Hitler Vs the Allies In Colour: Hitler Falls
Like a biblical epic, WWII saw the very existence of humanity brought down to the wire in a tale of good vs evil. Adolf Hitler’s regime of terror and destruction inflicted brutal horrors throughout the Third Reich. But how did a man with such deranged and atrocious views go on to establish…an empire of evil. On September 1st 1939, Hitler launches an attack on Poland, underestimating the start of World War Two. For the first time, foreign leaders become aware of how insane Hitler really is. Retrace the honour, blood and sacrifice of one of the most decisive and crucial events of modern history and the heroic tale of how peace was preserved in the fight against the ultimate evil of Hitler’s Nazis. This is Hitler Vs The Allies… In Colour. January 16th, 1945. Adolf Hitler’s world shrinks to a few concrete rooms underground. An air raid shelter, located near the Reich Chancellory in Berlin becomes the Fuhrer’s new residence. Knowing of his intentions to make this his home, the bunker is decorated with high quality furniture and expensive art taken from the Reich Chancellory itself. The bunker complex was entirely self contained, however as it was below the water table, the conditions were unpleasantly damp. Adolf Hitler and his closest associates decide the time has come to retreat underground, controlling the country from below. Josef Goebbels and his family also make the decision to move below ground to be alongside their beloved Fuhrer.
Starring Richard Daleki, Guy Walters, Lisa Pine
Director Nick Randall