Holy Water
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For four bachelors of Killcoulins Leap, life is passing them by. The remote Irish village holds no future, nor career opportunities, very few eligible women, so when Sean (Cian Barry) decides to leave the pressure is on. The solution - to hijack a lorry load of Viagra that travels past their village each day and sell it in Amsterdam. Since the erectile dysfunction pills are legal they wouldnt be drug dealers... right? After a few close calls, our heroes find themselves in possession of 18 tons of Viagra. What they thought would be worth a few thousand quid turns out to be worth millions! And instead of the heist barely causing a stir, Pfizer call in the special ops security team lead by Cory (Linda Hamilton). Our heroes, Gaffer (John Lynch), Podger (Cornelius Clarke), Donal (Lochlann OMearain and Sean are forced to improvise and hide their loot down the Holy Well and (as these things sometimes happen) it all seeps out into the towns water supply!
Starring Adam Astill, Angeline Ball, Cian Barry
Director Tom Reeve