House of Bodies
As incarcerated serial-killer Henry Lee Bishop (Peter Fonda, Easy Rider, 3:10 to Yuma, Ghost Rider) serves his sentence on Death Row, strange happenings arise in his former home. Now a gloomy and neglected structure, the house, taken over by a murder-re-enactment voyeur website, is suddenly the setting for a new set of ghastly crimes, as one by one the actresses become genuine prey to a terrifying copy-cat killer. While the gristly string of homicides become increasingly more consistent, Detective Starks (Terrence Howard, Iron Man, TV’s Empire) seeks answers from Bishop himself. Filled with anger-fuelled determination whilst attempting to crack his steely demeanour, Starks finds himself in a race against time to disentangle the mystery, unearth the truth and hunt down the murderer.
Starring Terrence Howard, Queen Latifah, Peter Fonda
Director Alex Merkin