I, Superbiker
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I, Superbiker is a no holds barred feature length motorcycling documentary surrounding the dramatic 2010 British Superbikes Championship. The high octane documentary follows the great British hope, Tommy Hill, whose parents sacrificed their home, holidays and their finances to support their sons burning ambition to become Britains Number 1 superbike racer. Alongside Tommy Hill, I, Superbiker is a revealing portrait of the highs and lows of fellow racers, James Ellison, Josh Brookes and Gary Mason, riding through the torturous conditions and risking life and limb at every British Superbike race meeting. With a film score by David Vanian of the legendary group the Dammed and music by Def Leppards Phil Collen, I, Superbiker is a stunning, fast paced documentary that no bike fan should miss.
Starring Tommy Hill, James Ellison, Josh Brookes
Director Mark Sloper