I'm All Right Jack
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Winning BAFTAs for 'Best British Screenplay' and 'Best British Actor' (Peter Sellers), I’m All Right Jack is popularly considered to be the best of John and Roy Boulting’s social satires. Sellers plays both Sir John Kennaway and the tragic-comic trade union leader Fred Kite. The result is laugh-out-loud comedy with a satiric edge, lampooning the then-burning issue of industrial relations. Bertram Tracepurcel (Dennis Price) plans to make a fortune from a missile contract, a scheme that involves manipulating his innocent nephew Stanley Windrush (Ian Carmichael) into acting as the catalyst in an escalating labour dispute, from which the socialist Mr. Kite is only too keen to make capital. Featuring a superb supporting cast including Terry-Thomas, Richard Attenborough, John Le Mesurier, Irene Handl and Margaret Rutherford, this is an ingenious comedy about the British workplace and self-serving hypocrisy. A sequel to 1956’s A Private’s Progress, the film is bought roaringly to life by Sellers’ astonishing turn as the Stalinist unionist.
Starring Ian Carmichael, Peter Sellers, Terry-Thomas
Director John Boulting