Izzie's Way Home
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A little fish with a big wish, all Izzie has ever known is inside the four glass walls of her yacht aquarium. Constantly picked-on by the larger fish, she yearns to escape, dreaming of the magical under-water world beyond her tiny home. When her chance comes, Izzie lands herself in the deep ocean, but quickly discovers that you should be careful what you wish for. With the help of other friendly misfit sea-creatures, Izzie has to learn to brave the perils of the sea, face new challenges and be true to herself. Featuring the voice-talent of Tori Spelling (Beverly Hills: 90210) and Joey Fatone (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), join Izzie on the enchanting adventure of a lifetime, and learn the greatest lesson of all: to always follow your heart and chase your dreams!
Starring Tori Spelling, Bonnie Dennison, Joey Fatone
Director Sasha Burrow, Sasha Burrow