John Abercrombie Quartet - Live At The Village Vanguard
Available on Qello Concerts
Neo-fusion master guitarist John Abercrombie played exciting and multi-faceted jazz. He expanded musical boundaries without losing sight of the jazz guitar tradition, landing him a place among the top modern jazz guitarists. On a wintry night in December 1982, Abercrombie and his bandmates Michael Brecker (tenor sax), Peter Erskine (drums), and Marc Johnson (bass) settle in for a performance at the Village Vanguard. This jazz institution in Greenwich Village first opened its doors in 1935 and is the oldest operating jazz club in New York City today. It earned international renown in the 1950s as the place where jazz careers set off and where the genre’s legends recorded their landmark albums. Enjoy this neo-fusion set with songs like “Even Steven” and “Look Around.”