K2 My Way
Klára Kolouchová was the first Czech woman who conquer Mount Everest years ago, and the first Czech and only the twentieth woman in the world to climb the second highest mountain in the world - the dangerous K2. Her performance represents not only an unprecedented sporting performance and success, but also shows the story of an indomitable will, desire and effort to achieve the dream goal. What drives a woman, wife, and mother of two to fight a dreaded killer? How far will she go to fulfill her personal dream? Can women, in fact, be as selfish as men? The answer to the questions and a look at the unique journey to the top of K2 is provided by a documentary by wellknown filmmaker Jana Počtová, the author of the acclaimed documentaries Generation Singles and Nerodič. The main heroine and director shared a period of difficult preparations, doubts, difficult farewells, crises and a previous unsuccessful attempt for two years. Jana Počtová, together with the cameraman, captured the atmosphere and events of the expedition to the base camp, the film contains breathtaking shots of the mountains and Klára's authentic shots of the final output itself.
Starring Klára Kolouchová
Director Jana Poctová