Katie Says Goodbye
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'Katie Says Goodbye' is the heart-wrenching story of an optimistic and kind-hearted young woman named Katie whose life takes a dramatic turn when a new romance blossoms. Living in a struggling desert town in Arizona composed of little more than a trailer park and a small diner, Katie (Olivia Cooke) dreams of a new life in San Francisco. In order to best save the necessary funds to leave her desolate town and start anew, Katie prostitutes herself to a handful of regulars that frequent the diner she waitresses at. As Katie draws near to saving the funds she believes her new life requires, she encounters a young ex-convict named Bruno (Christopher Abbott). Katie quickly falls in love, much to the dismay of Bruno’s co-workers at the local auto body shop. As a relationship with Bruno begins to form, the delicate harmony of their small town slowly begins to fall into disarray.
Starring Mireille Enos, Olivia Cooke, Mary Steenburgen
Director Wayne Roberts