Kimjongilia: The Flower of Kim Jong Il
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For 60 years, North Korea has been one of the most isolated countries in the world, a totalitarian nightmare from which almost no images or stories escape to the western world. N.C. Heikin's fascinating, formally inventive film chronicles the experiences of a number of defectors from the country, who tell harrowing stories of concentration camps, mass famine and seemingly impossible escapes. The picture they paint is alarming, even for those who keep well informed - a portrait of an entire nation forced to live in thrall, first to god-like dictator Kim Il Song and, after his death, to his son, Kim Jong Il. Both a query into the mass adoration of a cultish figure and a powerful testament to the human will to survive, Kimjongilia is a bracing reminder of how little we know about one of the most discussed countries on earth.
Starring Kang Chol Hwan, Lee Shin, Choi Young Hun
Director N.C. Heikin