Left to Die
Kidnapped and taken prisoner unexplainably, a formidable ex-Special Forces agent, Billie (Natalie Burn, The Expendables 3) wakes up to discover she is stranded on a remote desert island. Rescued from a terrifying conflict with a killer mercenary by a determined group of islanders, it quickly becomes apparent that they are all part of a terrifying plot to harvest their organs. Increasingly aware of the sinister situation she is in, and tempered by the desire to find her missing sister, Billie has to utilise her combat skills and work together with the others to fight her captors. Hunted down one by one, and with danger at every turn, a race against time ensues as they battle to do everything they can to make it off the island alive .Starring Vinnie Jones (X-Men: The Last Stand, Snatch), Robert Davi (Die Hard, Licence to Kill) and Daryl Hannah (Kill Bill: Vol 1, Blade Runner) Left to Die is an action-packed, kinetic thrill-ride demonstrating endurance and survival in its rawest form.
Starring Jason London, Daryl Hannah, Edward Furlong
Director Mark Atkins