Long Weekend
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When affluent city slickers, Peter (Jim Caviezel) and Carla, set off for the Australian bush on a long weekend trip, they are looking forward to soaking up the sun, downing a few beers and letting the peaceful solitude help to heal their broken marriage. After finally finding their deserted beach they waste no time in disrupting the beautiful environment by discarding rubbish and taking pot-shots at passing wildlife. But when this blatant disregard for the pristine bushland sounds a red alert among the indigenous species, the couple soon discover that nature will not take this final human invasion lying down. Alone, miles from habitation and with the bush closing in around them, they face a battle to make it out alive. Mother Nature, it seems, is ready to unleash its dark side.
Starring Jim Caviezel, Claudia Karvan, Robert Taylor
Director Jamie Blanks