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Ayiva is a young single father living in Burkina Faso, West Africa, who dreams of a better life in Europe. After travelling a dangerous route on foot through the North African desert and by boat across the Mediterranean Sea from Libya, he arrives in the Italian town of Rosarno with his best friend Abas, determined to reap the economic rewards of their new life abroad. But what they find in Italy does not match the glittering images they have seen. Whilst Ayiva finds a sympathetic employer, who welcomes him into his home, Abas, grows increasingly disillusioned with his hardscrabble reality. As tensions flare between local thugs and the migrant community, a vicious attack erupts into a full-blown riot and Ayiva is faced with the ultimate choice.
Starring Koudous Seihon, Alassane Sy, Pio Amato
Director Jonas Carpignano