Presented for the 1st time in a superb, wide screen, anamorphic version, showcasing Brass’ luscious photography and carefully choreographed set-pieces and showing off the spectacular, titanically proportioned, Serena Grandi, whose completely uninhibited, gleeful naturalness perfectly embodies the Miranda character, and permitted Brass to push explicit eroticism to the doors of hardcore. Based on the Carlo Goldoni play, Serena Grandi is Miranda the landlady of a “taverna” who must choose between the many men who wish to conquer and tame her.. She lustfully juggles her lovers: a rich politician, a local gigolo and an American GI, while taking malicious pleasure in tormenting her own innkeeper … until her search for love is rewarded – and so is the chosen man!
Starring Serena Grandi, Andy J. Forest, Andrea Occhipinti
Director Tinto Brass