My Blueberry Nights
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Legendary filmmaker Wong Kar Wai directs Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz, and Norah Jones in his first English-language feature film - a romantic road movie detailing the cross-country journey of a woman who sets off across the United States in hopes of mending her broken heart. Elizabeth (Norah Jones) has just been through a particularly nasty breakup, and now she's ready to leave her friends and memories behind as she chases her dreams across the country. In order to support herself on her journey, Elizabeth picks up a series of waitress jobs along the way. As Elizabeth crosses paths with a series of lost souls whose yearnings are even greater than her own - including a troubled cop (David Strathairn), his estranged wife (Rachel Weisz), and an embittered gambler (Natalie Portman) - their emotional turmoil ultimately helps her gain a greater understanding of her own problems.
Starring Norah Jones, Jude Law, David Strathairn
Director Wong Kar-wai