My Name Is Joe
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The second of many collaborations between acclaimed director Ken Loach and award-winning screenwriter Paul Laverty, My Name Is Joe is a typically hard-hitting drama with humour, passion, tragedy and violence in equal measure. Peter Mullan (Orphans) stars as Joe, a recovering alcoholic who has done a few things in his past which he'd rather forget. Out of work and on the dole, he keeps sane by coaching a local football team largely made up of delinquents. When one of Joe's players, Liam, gets involved with some local gangsters a chain of events is set in motion which not only threatens the lives of those concerned but also impacts on Joe's budding love affair with social worker, Sarah. Set in the stark surroundings of a socially deprived Glasgow, My Name Is Joe is another masterful social-realist work from Loach supplemented by an arresting performance from Peter Mullan (who won Best Actor at Cannes for this performance).
Starring Peter Mullan, Louise Goodall, David McKay
Director Ken Loach