My Sweet Little Village
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The little village of Křečovice wakes up to a new day. One of the first villagers going to work are the driver of the cooperative truck, Pavel Pávek, and his co-driver, the mentally retarded orphan Otík Rákosník. Otík lives alone in a cottage inherited from his parents and is cared for by his aunt Hrabětová. The young man admires Pávek endlessly and loves to work with him. The same, however, cannot be said about Pávek who gets upset by Otík's unwitting mistakes. One day, Otík falls asleep with his headphones on in a truck's tipping body and a crane operator buries him under a pile of sand. When reversing with the truck, Otík navigates Pávek so unfortunately that the choleric driver knocks over a post at the gate of a cottager called Rumlena. This is the last straw for Pávek - he is going to keep Otík only till the end of the harvest-time.
Starring János Bán, Marián Labuda, Petr Čepek
Director Jirí Menzel