Oh no, not Rudy again!
Three friends are heading together on a fishing vacation. They want to escape their daily routine, away from the city, apart from their problems and just have a relaxed weekend at the lake. Everything could be so perfect, but Murat is part of the baggage. A young casanova, who just recently broke the heart of Klaus’ daughter. And Klaus doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to teach him a lesson about how to respect women. A well intended mission suddenly turns shaky. When Klaus wakes up the morning after a rough hit on his head, he suddenly wants to walk his dog Rudy. Though unfortunately Rudy passed away 2 years ago. The men are faced with a difficult decision: Should they tell their friend that Rudi is dead and risk breaking Klaus’ heart again? …but good friends are there to always help each other, so they all head to look for the dog that allegedly has gone missing.
Starring Matthias Brenner, Oliver Marlo, Frank Auerbach
Director Ismail Sahin, Oona-Devi Liebich