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Prison was tough enough for outlaw bikie Knuck - but that's nothing compared to what's waiting outside. A high-octane Aussie thriller starring Matt Nable, Ryan Corr and Abbey Lee. You can just about smell the grease and fumes in Stephen McCallum's punchy debut feature. Welcome to the clubhouse of outlaw motorcycle gang Copperheads M.C. Its hard-as-nails president, Knuck (Nable), is about to finish a three-year stretch in the slammer. In Knuck's absence, gang member Paddo (Corr), a smart guy with a vision for the future, has been holding the reins - and making unauthorised deals. With stolen narcotics and Paddo's ambitious girlfriend, Katrina (Lee), added in to the mix, this is not going to be a peaceful return to Knuck's old-school rule.
Starring Ryan Corr, Abbey Lee, Simone Kessell
Director Stephen McCallum