Pleasure or Pain
Zalman King’s last ever feature film, Pleasure or Pain, is the erotic and achingly sensual tale of Victoria, a beautiful young designer, and Jack, a sexy and dangerously handsome entrepreneur. Desperate to succeed in L.A, Victoria is not interested in a relationship, only her future career, but Jack will not take no for an answer, not from anyone. His charisma and determination is irresistible and Victoria soon finds herself wrapped up in a world that she had before been too afraid to experience. Zalman King, writer/director of Red Shoe Diaries and 9 ½ Weeks, shows us why he is the king of erotica in this tantalisingly sexy turn as Victoria is bound and dominated by the powerful Jack; the feelings she thought he had for her turning toxic and controlling as she finds herself doing everything in her power to please him. But how far can she go and will he ever let her stop? Victoria has to learn the hard way, when Jack is involved you have to be careful what you wish for… as you might just get it.
Starring Malena Morgan, Christos Vasilopoulos, Kayla Jane
Director Zalman King