Public Schooled
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Sixteen years old and homeschooled his entire life, Liam is a sheltered, socially awkward genius whose universe revolves around his single mom, Claire. When early acceptance to Cambridge University collides with love at first sight, Liam deliberately bombs his final exams and forces his way into public school so he can let loose for the first time before heading. Under the borrowed identity of a sick student, Maria Sanchez, Liam sets his sights on Anastasia, a confident and popular one-legged girl – and the only person who notices him. Disaster strikes after Liam, realizing Anastasia’s interest was only imagined, tries to sabotage her relationship with a jock, BDC. Claire only makes things worse by trying to coach her son through his teenage rebellion. After Liam cuts the apron strings, he scores the affection of an older woman at a wild college party. Buoyed by the victory, Liam relaxes into his own skin and takes his first steps towards manhood. Goodbye mom...hello cruel world.
Starring Judy Greer, Daniel Doheny, Siobhan Williams
Director Kyle Rideout