Raging Fire
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A single choice breaks a team into two as former brothers-in-arm turn into two clashing groups led by Shan and Ngo, respectively. After he failed to clear his name (despite still hoping to succeed someday), Ngo leads his team of fellow outcasts – Wah (Tony Wu), Chuen (Kang Yu), Blast (German Cheung Man-kit) and Prince (Prince Mak) – to exact revenge on Shan and the system that he represents. However, Shan has a strong team behind him as well, including Shark (Kenny Wong), Chow (Deep Ng), Turbo (Jeana Ho), Sorceress (Angus Yeung) and Him (Bruce Tong), as well as Ray Lui appearing in a very special cameo as Inspector Yiu, Shan's friend. With Donnie's longtime apprentice Kang Yu and rising young star Tony Wu on Ngo's side, the opening action sequence set in the abandoned mall will put audiences at the edge of their seats. Other scenes, such as the two teams' a rainy rescue mission for millionaire tycoon Fok (Kwok Fung) at a container terminal and the Tsim Sha Tsui shootout later in the film, all demonstrate director Benny Chan's mastery over his favorite genre. The explosive firefights and dramatic tension in Raging Fire will pump audiences'adrenaline level, while the inner struggle of the characters will take audiences on an emotional roller coaster. In addition to Ray Lui's cameo, appearances by Patrick Tam, Kwok-keung Cheung, Simon Yam, Ben Lam, Ken Lo, Derek Kok, Ben Yuen, Fire Lee and 24 Herbs member Brian round out this blazing cast.
Starring Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse, Ray Lui Leung-Wai
Director Benny Chan Chi-Shun