Small Creatures
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In a world of brutal and careless adults, sometimes it’s hard being a boy. Coggie is 14 and at a crossroads in his life. How does he know which way to turn? When he ignores the advice of his sister, mum and the police, Coggie finds himself in over his head and unable to escape the influence of Ste, a volatile and troubled bully. For a while now, Ste and Coggie have been ‘friends’ but there’s something not right about it - Ste is jealous of Coggie; Coggie is afraid of Ste. When Coggie refuses to try out Ste’s hunting knife, a new line is drawn between the boys and a deeper, darker tension takes over. Written and directed by the International Emmy Award winner and BAFTA nominee, Martin Wallace.
Starring Michael Coventry, Tom Pauline, Paul Bamford
Director Martin Wallace