Smoking Guns
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Part British crime thriller, Part black comedy, SMOKING GUNS is a throwback to Guy Ritchie’s heyday starring Dexter Fletcher (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Kick-Ass). BET YOUR LIFE ON IT! Friday afternoon in North London, Jack, a rough and ready gambler, makes one final bet at the bookies. He goes all in for a treble win - A risky gamble at best - but in the event his horse wins all three races, Jack and his friends are set to net a small fortune. When it looks as though the odds are finally turning in Jack's favour, there is a sudden vested interest in his betting slip from a local gangland boss. Jack must do everything within his power to keep his betting slip out of harm's way and rightfully claim his winnings.
Starring Tommy O'Neill, Daniel Caltagirone, Andreas Karras
Director Savvas D Michael