The Afterman
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The year 2011. The world is torn apart by war, violence and other misery. The Nuke has been dropped and the world is a desolate place where chaos and anarchy rules. A grown man with the mind of a child lived all those years locked securely in a bunker and when an automatic time slot suddenly opens he is coming into a world where he knows nothing about. "The Afterman" is soon confronted with violent and perverse survivors. He is, together with an anxious wife, locked up at a local slave driver. However, they can both escape, and slowly but surely, something beautiful blossoms between the two. But is there room for love and happiness in this savage new world? This film is a cult-movie with no dialogue.
Starring Luc Allaerts, Guido De Belder, Dora Raskin
Director Rob Van Eyck