The Christmas Shoes
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Workaholic lawyer Robert Layton didn’t know he needed a miracle until it happened. But when it did, it transformed his life and opened both his eyes and heart to a totally new world and made him realise what matters most in life. The heart-warming and often heart-breaking story of how this happened is told in The Christmas Shoes, a delightful ‘festive season’ drama for all the family. One day in a small American town, the rear door of a delivery van flies open, and out tumbles a box containing a pair of pretty, embroidered shoes. Is this just another unremarkable, everyday event – or a small miracle? The shoes are picked up by Robert Layton (Rob Lowe), and start a chain of events that will have a profound effect on the lives of several people in this close-knit community.
Starring Rob Lowe, Kimberly Williams, Amber Marshall
Director Andy Wolk