The Journey
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After 40 years of "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland the leading players meet at St. Andrews to try and hammer out a final and lasting peace agreement. The success of the talks depend on loyalist firebrand Ian Paisley and a former IRA Commander Martin McGuinnness, two sworn enemies, agreeing to share power. With the talks in extreme crisis the pair are forced by circumstance, or perhaps fate, to take a car journey together. After a series of initial bitter exchanges, their conversation begins to shift and cracks emerge in their armour. Watched by their colleagues back at St. Andrews the rivals not only discover that they are not that dissimilar but begin to forge a friendship. Starring BAFTA nominated actor Timothy Spall (Mr. Turner, The King's Speech), Golden Globe nominated Colm Meaney (The Damned United, Layer Cake), and BAFTA winner John Hurt (The Elephant Man, Alien).
Starring Freddie Highmore, Timothy Spall, John Hurt
Director Nick Hamm