The Last Tattoo
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In wartime New Zealand in 1943, 100,000 U.S. Marines were shipped in to defend the country against Japanese invasion and prepare for the long and bitter Pacific campaign. Marine Captain Mike Starwood (Tony Goldwyn) is assigned to investigate the murder of Sergeant O'Rourke. The dead marine's girlfriend, Rose Mitchell, has vanished and as a vital witness to the murder Starwood must find her. Discovering a system run by public health nurse Kelly Towne (Kerry Fox), Starwood uses her local knowledge in his search for Rose. As events unfurl, they realise they are facing a conspiracy at the highest level of the U.S. Command involving Commander Dart (Robert Loggia) and the New Zealand Government. When Starwood is framed, Kelly's only means of saving him is a dangerous confrontation with the conspirators and Starwood's commanding officer, General Frank Zane (Rod Steiger). His only hope is that she survives to prove his innocence...
Starring Kerry Fox, Tony Goldwyn, Robert Loggia
Director John Reid