The Martian War
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In the near distant future, Earth’s natural resources have been obliterated and the remaining human population has fled to live on Mars. Despite bringing them closer than ever to the sun, they colonise the planet, recreating the huge cities they left behind on Earth, protecting each city from the atmosphere with enormous dome-like force fields. However, when a massive sandstorm violently tears through the dome and destroys Mars New York, a warning signal is quickly sent to Mars Los Angeles where they face a ticking clock to figure out how to stop the terrifying storm before it wipes them out next. Starring Alan Pietruszewski (Zero Dark Thirty), Lane Townsend (Age of Tomorrow) and Jennifer Dorogi (Days of our Lives), prepare for danger and battle as humankind faces extinction. Again.
Starring Chloe Farnworth, Jennifer Dorogi, Lane Townsend
Director Scott Wheeler