The Real Cops & Robbers
"Cops Foil Million Pound heist on Asda" was the headline on a bleak Monday in January 2006, but we bring you the real story, from both sides. Ricky Watts, is now a retired career criminal and the former boss of the Walthamstow based Organised Crime group. Ricky and his partner in crime Sean Docherty, masterminded and executed what was at the time the largest unarmed cash robbery in UK history, but the £862,000 the OCG had got their hands on, was to be short lived as Detective Superintendent Jason Hendy from London's metropolitan police robbery unit better known as the Flying Squad was put in charge of a two year undercover operation that would bring down Ricky Watts and his gang. Watts, and Hendy also now in retirement, have gone on to have a underlying respect for each other, as they share the strange paradox that the biggest job of both of their careers is one of the same. Then born out of that respect we asked the question "would they meet on camera?' - they agreed.
Starring Ricky Watts, Jason Hendy, Shaun Docherty
Director Mickey Cornwell