The Scandalous Lady W
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In 1781, wealthy heiress Lady Seymour Worsley causes a scandal when she cheats on her husband, Parliamentarian Sir Richard, and runs off with her lover, Captain George Bisset. Enraged, Sir Richard sues Bisset for "criminal relations" and claims £ 20,000 in compensation for damage to his property, Lady Worsley. While Seymour and Bisset go into hiding in a hotel in London, the husband and his lawyers try to prove his wife's adultery through a series of treacherous tricks. In court, Sir Richard lies, giving a perfect picture of his relationship with his wife and convincing others to do the same. When it seems that all is lost for Bisset, Lady Seymour devises a daring plan. In order to save her lover, she reveals a shocking secret, which amazes the court, jeopardizes her reputation and gives rise to the most egregious scandal of the eighteenth century.
Starring Natalie Dormer, Shaun Evans, Aneurin Barnard
Director Sheree Folkson