The Sensuous Nurse
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Ursula Andress is the undisputed top Bond-girl of all times, making her iconic mark on cinema in the famous “Dr No” scene with that bikini… Well, if you’ve ever wondered what she’d look like without the bikini, here is the film where Andress is undressed for the most part of this joyous pun-filled romp-com which has attained genre cult-status. Jack Palance (Oscar® for City Slickers) plays an offbeat American tycoon looking to buy a vineyard in Italy’s beautiful Tuscany. The owner is an older lecher who is recovering from a recent dally-induced heart attack, and he doesn’t want to sell. But his madcap family does, and in order to hasten his death they hire the provocative nurse Ursula Andress, hoping that she’ll give the old man another - this time, fatal - cardiac arrest! The last laugh will come after an unexpected twist...!
Starring Ursula Andress, Jack Palance, Luciana Paluzzi
Director Nello Rossati