The Wee Sing Train
All aboard for fun and adventure! Children everywhere will clap, move, and sing along to the exhilarating song and dance numbers of The Wee Sing Train. Imagine playing with a toy train and suddenly becoming a passenger, this could only happen with a spark of Wee Sing magic! Casey and Carter have finally finished creating their make-believe land when, magically, they’re in it! Join them and Tusky, their curious toy elephant, as Chug-a-Long the Engine and Cubby the Caboose take them on a wonderful adventure complete with musical cowboys, dancing paper dolls, and a singing vegetable patch. Packed with 20 memorable songs, colorful characters, and a special lesson about thinking before you act, The Wee Sing Train is a charming way to put kids on the right track.
Starring Kaci Garcia, Andrew Goodman, Adair Chappell
Director Claudia Sloan