This is Joan Collins
From Hollywood in the Golden Era to TV cop shows and exploitation films. From The Bitch and The Stud to Dynasty. From best-selling books to American Horror Story, At 88, Joan Collins is around to tell the tale. This epic film is told from the ringside, as Joan narrates her own rollercoaster life story – with her inimitable wit and panache. One of the last surviving actresses of Hollywood’s ‘Golden Age’ and then a worldwide television phenomenon with her decade-defining role in Dynasty, Collins has been witness to some of history’s key moments and people along the way. Her story is told against a backdrop of archive footage and her own sensational home movie collection, showcasing the extraordinary life of a woman who has seen it all and survived it all with charm and intelligence. Her story is a dramatic, spirited and revealing lesson on the will to survive with panache.
Starring Joan Collins
Director Clare Beavan