What on earth is going on? Nadia is about to celebrate her birthday and Titeuf wasn’t invited! Why not? How could she have forgotten him, given the well-rehearsed, super-seductive attitude he puts on every time their paths cross? But bigger disasters will push Titeuf’s world further into chaos as once again adults prove just how lame they can be. They’re always complicating everything. Titeuf is about to be pulled in every direction: between Grandma’s house in the country, sessions with his shrink and important meetings on the playground. True to form, Titeuf will try to decipher what is happening to him and will devise many disastrous strategies to fix his ailing life... All this, of course, without ever losing sight of his true objective: to be invited to Nadia’s birthday party!
Starring Donald Reignoux, Mélanie Bernier, Zabou Breitman
Director Zep