Viking Quest
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On a remote island in 8th century Norway, Tasya, a beautiful princess, is being forced to marry the terrifying warrior chief of a large clan to secure a truce across the land. During the ceremony, a cohort of armoured warriors launch a devastating attack, killing villagers, burning buildings and capturing Tasya. As the last embers die out, the survivors realise the princess has been taken as sacrifice to an ancient creature of legend, the Midgard Serpent. Erick, a young, strong Norseman yet to prove himself, volunteers alongside the bravest Vikings in the clan to make the deadly voyage to rescue Tasya. But as the warriors board the long boat and head toward battle and peril, they can only hope that the Gods can hear their prayers above the deafening waves and clashing swords…
Starring Harry Lister Smith, Jenny Boyd, Oliver Walker
Director Todor Chapkanov