Will and Kate: Raising a Royal Family
There is a romance that has captivated people all over the world. Prince William and Kate Middleton have been on a roller coaster ride of love since they met back in 2001 at St Andrews University in Scotland. Since those early days, their romance has blossomed into a modern-day fairy tale that has been documented and watched across the world. Their relationship has grown, strengthened and transformed into an inseparable marriage and a true partnership.The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are beloved by millions around the globe and dedicate their lives to the royal family, all while raising a royal family of their own - three young children, who are all in line for the throne. The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge are changing the royal parenting game. Their modern approach to raising their family paints a picture of a new kind of royal.Come with us as we follow the golden couple in the years after their most magical day and how they are raising the NextGeneration of Royals.
Starring Camilla Tominey, Katie Nicholl, Michael Cole
Director Roxane Schlumberger