David Tress

For fans of "Seinfeld," David Tress will forever be remembered as Mr. Cohen, the Park Avenue jokester who breezes past Jerry and his waiting friends to land a coveted table in one of the classic sitcom's best remembered early episodes, "The Chinese Restaurant." But that's just one of nearly 40 television shows and movies featuring the veteran actor. Tress never became a household name but he certainly acted with plenty of them. Highlights include the infamous roller skating musical, "Xanadu" (starring Gene Kelly and Olivia Newton-John), and the Chuck Norris blood splattered rescue mission flick, "Missing in Action." He also had a recurring role on "Dallas" during the primetime soap's early 1980s heyday. Tress, not to be confused with the acclaimed British artist of the same name, has acted less since the late 1990s but he hasn't abandoned his artistic inclinations. In 2010, he directed, wrote, and produced a short film, the suspense drama, "The Nightingale."