Jesse D. Goins

Jesse D. Goins

After appearances in a string of popular sitcoms, including the Gary Coleman vehicle "Diff'rent Strokes" and the "Soap"-spinoff "Benson," pliable character-actor Jesse D. Goins landed his first recurring role as Cyler Johnson, a rag-tag remedial-education student in "The Greatest American Hero." The fantasy dramedy from TV impresario Stephen J. Cannell ran for three seasons. The industry noticed Goins's work and he was rewarded with recurring roles on the acclaimed police drama "Hill Street Blues." Shedding his "nice guy" image, Goins next landed a role in the violent sci-fi film "RoboCop" as Joe P. Cox, a member of Clarence Boddicker's ruthless street gang. Returning to the right side of the law, Goins scored a role as the persistent FBI agent Shaw in the terrorist drama "Patriot Games," based on the Tom Clancy novel and starring Harrison Ford. Following his film roles, Goins returned to his first love--television--with guest appearances on shows that illustrated his incredible versatility. They included everything from soaps ("The Young and the Restless") and quirky sitcoms ("Malcolm in the Middle") to off-kilter dramas ("Boston Legal") and sentimental TV movies that left audiences awash in tears ("Tuesdays with Morrie").



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