Lorenzo Richelmy

Lorenzo Richelmy

Lorenzo Richelmy became one of Italy's most high-profile young actors when he was plucked from relative obscurity to star as the titular hero of big-budget historical epic "Marco Polo" (Netflix, 2014-). Born in the port town of La Spezia to theatre actor parents, Richelmy made his first stage appearance alongside his mother at the age of four and later became the youngest student ever to be accepted into Italian film school, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. Following his graduation, Richelmy landed the roles of Cesare Schifani in long-running teen drama "I liceali" (Canale 5, 2008-) and Sandro in TV movie "Alice non lo sa!," and made his film debut in "100 metri dal paradiso" (2012), a comedy about a priest's attempt to enter Vatican City in the 2012 London Olympics. In the same year, Richelmy guested on romantic sitcom "Sposami" (Rai 1, 2012), played one of two dopey criminals who incur the wrath of their schizophrenic boss in Anglo-Italian feature film "Fat Cat" (2012), and starred in three episodes of web series, "Kubrik - Una Storio Porno." Following a one-off appearance in European historical drama "Borgia" (Canal+, 2011-14), Richelmy received critical acclaim for his performances as a troubled ex-convict who discovers a love of rugby in the life-affirming "The Third Half," (2013) and a mountain climber who must choose between a life of adventure and running the family farm in "La terra e il vento" (2013). A year later, Richelmy played one of two sons forced to reconnect with their previously absent father in screwball comedy "Sotto una buona stella" (2014), appeared in TV movie "Una Ferrari per due" (Rai 1, 2014), and was cast as one of four friends who endure a terrifying night in an abandoned cabin in horror "Hybris" (2014). Richelmy's career reached new heights when he was chosen to star as Marco Polo in the ambitious period epic of the same name. Focusing on the legendary 13th Century explorer's early years in the court of Kublai Khan, "Marco Polo" (Netflix, 2014-) received mixed reviews on its release, but turned Richelmy into an international name.