Marjorie Bransfield

Marjorie Bransfield rose to fame as an actress, gracing the silver screen many times over the course of her Hollywood career. Bransfield began her career with roles in "Jim Belushi -- Birthday Boy" (1985-86), "About Last Night" (1986) with Rob Lowe and "Red Heat" (1988). She then acted in "Easy Wheels" (1989) with Paul Le Mat, the comedy "Homer and Eddie" (1989) with James Belushi and the James Belushi action film "K-9" (1989). She also appeared in the James Belushi comedy "Taking Care of Business" (1990) and "Abraxas" (1991) with Jesse Ventura. Later in her career, Bransfield acted on "Murder One" (1995-97). Bransfield's husband was James Belushi.