Patrick McKenna

Patrick McKenna

Patrick McKenna was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. He began his acting career with roles in the series "The Mighty Jungle" (1993-95), "Due South" (CBS, 1994-99) and "Traders" (Lifetime, 1996-98). He also appeared in the TV movie "Barbara Taylor Bradford's "Everything to Gain"" (CBS, 1996-97). McKenna started in the industry by acting in films like the comedy "Who's Harry Crumb?" (1989) with John Candy. He also appeared in the TV special "It's a Wonderful Red Green Christmas" (PBS, 1998-99). He also worked in television during these years, including a part on "The Industry" (1998-2003). He also had roles in film during these years, including roles in the Kelsey Grammer comedy "The Real Howard Spitz" (1998). McKenna also appeared in the Mena Suvari crime thriller "Stuck" (2008) and "Margarita" (2012). Additionally, he appeared on the television special "Red Green Live '02" (PBS, 2001-02). McKenna most recently acted in the action picture "The Masked Saint" (2016) with Brett Granstaff.