Robert Sampson

Robert Sampson was widely known for his acting on the big screen. Sampson's acting career began mostly with his roles in various films, such as "Strangers When We Meet" (1960) with Kirk Douglas, the Paul Anka drama "Look in Any Window" (1961) and the action picture "Hero's Island" (1962) with James Mason. He also appeared in "The Broken Land" (1962) with Kent Taylor and the thriller "Zigzag" (1970) with George Kennedy. He worked in series television while getting his start in acting, including a part on "The Twilight Zone" (CBS, 1959-1964). He continued to work steadily in film throughout the seventies and the eighties, appearing in the Dean Martin action movie "Mr. Ricco" (1975), "The November Plan" (1976) and the Christopher George horror film "Paura Nella Citta dei Morti Civenti" (1980). He also appeared in "Re-Animator" (1985) with Jeffrey Combs. During the latter part of his career, he tackled roles in "Double Revenge" (1988), the Will Bledsoe sci-fi feature "The Dark Side of the Moon" (1990) and the Gary Graham action flick "Robot Jox" (1990). He also appeared in "The Arrival" (1991). Most recently, Sampson acted on "Profiler" (1996-2000).