Sébastien Ricard

Son of playwright André Ricard, Sébastien Ricard was born in Québec City, Québec, Canada. The younger Ricard practically grew up in the theater, so it was not unexpected that he would show a flair for the dramatic. In 1995, he began performing hip-hop with a couple of friends under the moniker Loco Locass. The band members all took pseudonyms: Ricard's was Batlam. The band did not shy from political statements and was a vocal proponent of Québec's cultural and political independence from the rest of Canada. Ricard's first onscreen role was in the Québec historical drama "February 15, 1839" (2001), which tells the story of the execution of participants in the Lower Canada Rebellion who sought independence from the British Empire. Ricard maintained a presence in the theater and in Loco Locass, all while continuing to make screen appearances on a regular basis. Ricard's musical, theatrical, and political worlds collided when he starred in the film "Through the Mist" (2009). Ricard played André 'Dédé' Fortin, lead singer of the 1990s activist Québec band Les Colocs, who fought for Québec's independence but eventually took his own life. Ricard won a Jutra for Best Actor for his portrayal, and was also honored as Québec Patriot of the Year in 2010. In 2013, he premiered as one of the patients in "En thérapie" (TV5, 2013-), the Canadian version of the TV show "In Treatment" (HBO, 2008-2010). Ricard also received stellar reviews for playing Antoine in the film "Antoine et Marie" (2015).