Victor Raider-Wexler

Victor Raider-Wexler is known for playing judges, doctors, attorneys, and other authority figures on prime-time sitcoms and drama series and in feature films. On popular sitcom "Seinfeld," starring Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander, Raider-Wexler was cast in three different doctor roles featured in different episodes including the rather dark "The Invitations," in which George's fiancée, Susan, dies after licking the poisonous adhesive on their wedding invitation envelopes. Raider-Wexler played another doctor character on "The Michael Richards Show," which starred the actor who played Kramer on "Seinfeld." In "The Honeymooners"-style sitcom "The King of Queens," Raider-Wexler played the two comically similar bosses of Leah Remini's character, similar in style to the angry landlord he played in "The Pursuit of Happyness," starring Will Smith. In "Minority Report" starring Tom Cruise, Raider-Wexler played the attorney general in the semi-dystopian future world where the film is set. Though Raider-Wexler didn't have any specifically notable recurring role as a judge, he has had a plethora of one-off judge roles, mostly in sitcoms and crime dramas. Only in "Everybody Loves Raymond" does Raider-Wexler play the title character's friend who is not especially designated or identifiable by his occupation.