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More often than not, adults have a tendency to look back on their teenage years with an overwhelming fondness that paints those years in a golden light. Romanticizing those times which, for many, feel simpler, happier, and much more carefree, adults tend to overlook the struggles they faced at the time, downplaying them as nothing more than silly teenage trifles, especially when compared to the overwhelming struggles of today. But what about the teens of today, who not only have to learn to navigate the tricky waters of teenage life, but also have to deal with the pressures that come with growing up in a much more complicated world? Do Ha Na (Shin Ye Eun), Kim Ha Na (Lee Na Eun), Yeo Bo Ram (Kim Su Hyun), Ha Min (Kim Dong Hee), Nam Si Woo (Shin Seung Ho), and Cha Gi Hyun (Ryoo Ui Hyun) are six such teenagers. Each one of them standing on the brink of adulthood, these six Seoyeon High School students struggle daily with both the challenges of high school life and the overwhelming task of preparing for what lay beyond. With no real life experiences to glean wisdom from, each student must do the best they can, to find their way in an increasingly difficult world. Through numerous ups and downs, friendships and fights, first loves and first heartbreaks, each student has their own unique story to tell as they each discover what it means to be eighteen.  A story full of firsts and friendships, “A-TEEN” is a 2018 romantic high school comedy drama directed by Han Soo Ji.