A Time to Remember
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On the outside it may seem like Jung Woo Jin (Sungyeol) has everything a person could ever possibly want. With his natural talent, unparalleled looks, and a quick wit, he has become the nation’s fastest rising star. Whatever he touches is guaranteed to become the next big hit, making Woo Jin something of a national phenomenon. But behind this glittering exterior there lies a deeply hidden secret. Afflicted by a disease which makes him remember everything, Woo Jin is constantly bombarded by memories and emotions from the past. Unable to escape the moments in his life he’d give anything to be able to forget, Woo Jin lives in a hellish nightmare that stretches on forever. Unable to escape the past, Woo Jin is intrigued when he happens to cross paths with a woman who seems to be afflicted with an unusual condition of her own. Unable to remember anything that happened more than a month ago, Do Hae Soo (Binnie) lives her life from one moment to the next. With no way to remember anything that has happened in the past, Hae Soo has no choice but to live her life constantly moving forward.  Intrigued by a woman who can’t ever seem to remember him, Woo Jin finds himself wanting to know more about her. Finding ways to be near her, Woo Jin and Hae Soo draw ever closer; but what future could they possibly have together when she never remembers and he never forgets? An adorable love story with a slight fantasy twist, A Time to Remember is a 2021 Korean romance drama directed by Hwang Kyung Sung.