Boy's Abyss
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Growing up in a small, rural town, Reiji Kurose (Towa Araki) has never once believed he would ever have a chance to escape his small, dismal life. Living with his hard-working mother, his shut-in brother, and his unstable grandmother, Reiji’s life has been anything but cheery; which would explain why his outlook on life is far more grim than that of his childhood friend, Sakuko Akiyama (Miyu Honda). Sharing her dreams of one someday moving to glamorous, chaotic Tokyo, Sakuko tries to help Reiji see past the gloomy nothingness of his small town. Unfortunately, even her best efforts can’t seem to draw her friend out of his growing depression. For Reiji, only the performances of his favorite idol group, Acrylic, and the group’s most beautiful member, Nagi Aoe (Hinako Kitano), can chase away the ever-present dreariness of his life. Needless to say, when he discovers Nagi working at a convenience store in his hometown, Reiji’s life takes an unexpected turn. Unwittingly dragged into a series of scandals, Reiji’s once gloomy life takes an even darker turn as he’s pulled deeper into an intricate web of lies, obsession, and betrayal. With his world becoming ever-darker, will Reiji find a way to escape the dismal abyss that threatens to swallow him whole? Adapted from the manga of the same name by Ryou Minenami, “Boy’s Abyss” is a 2022 Japanese psychological thriller drama directed by Hiroaki Yuasa.